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Pink and velvet coloured curtains and cushions

Make your world pink and flowery

Valentine's day is coming up and we feel that this is the perfect day to add the pink colour palette, flowers, and a feminine touch to our decor.
Let's create a "full-of-love-mood" in our rooms. 

With only a few items in subtle shades of pink we can add an understated feminine touch to the decor. Or you can go for several items in pink shades to create a statement feminine look.
Either way the pink colour palette adds a light, fresh, spring mood to your room.   

Feminine luxury

Santena furniture is a feminine interpretation of upholstered furniture inspired by the chesterfield look.

The original Chesterfield look originates from the middle of old England and oozes of comfort, tranquillity and security. Since the middle ages, velvet has been the fabric of decadence and nobility.

In our modern version it invites for a small break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. For a little cosiness and peaceful moments in a comfortable and feminine piece of furniture.

Details are key

Each home is unique, and so are the people living in them. Adding products with details that speak to you, can help you sculpt the expression of your  home to show off your personality, and your very own style. The possibilities are endless, and only your own creativity and imagination set the boundaries. 

Subtle pink colours in combination with detailed handmade home decor items can add just the right atmosphere to your room and make it cosy. Look for those small and lovely details in each product, that fits your own personality and style. Then mix it with different kind of products in order to find your own expression to your home.