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Create your own cosy oasis

Cosiness is the quality of being comfortable, cosy, and warm. In tough times in particular, and generally, in a more and more digitalised world, we can easily drown in uncertainty, while negative inputs attack us from all around. We believe that cosiness becomes increasingly important in the modern world. A feeling and mood, which shouldn't be neglected. The phrase "My body is my temple" is well-known, but what about your home?

It's just as important to have a welcoming, pleasant and secure base, from where you leave and return from work each day. Therefore it is important that we can relax and reload our batteries in our homes, where we feel secure and at home.

Cushions (and diamonds) are a girl's best friend

A sofa without cushions is just like a blank canvas. Imagine adding wonderful colourful cushions that slowly fills the canvas and ads life and homely warmth. Try closing your eyes and imagine a sofa without cushions -  what do you feel? Which mood pops into your mind? It maybe seems a bit distanced? Maybe impersonal? or maybe just a bit lifeless and cold? 

An easy way to make places, items, corners and in general rooms more cosy and warm is to use cushions. Cushions are a practical and convenient way to add cosiness and colours into the home. Cushions in different shapes, sizes, materials and colours - the choices and styles are endless. The beauty with cushions is that you easily can change the setting, by simply removing, adding, reordering or changing the cushions.

Textiles create feelings

Not only cushions can enable a warmer and cosy mood. The simple act of adding a curtain or a throw to a setting means the world to the entire expression. Textiles are living material and they ooze of warmth, life and it just gives a homely expression. 

What is for example a picnic without the legendary blanket with the checkered pattern? Just think about how recognisable it is and how it creates a certain feeling. 

Putting a heavy knitted throw around yourself feels like receiving a warm and comfortable hug. Adding a light see-through curtain which slowly follows the summer breeze gives moments and dynamic to an interior setting.