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At Lene Bjerre, we love to design. We find inspiration in the newest trends and tendencies within interior design and interpret them into our own well-known designs. Our designs are characterized by a classic and feminine style and we put an effort into the details, because to us details are key.

Our showroom in Nibe is our very own design universe, decorated with our newest collections in small room sections, to make them feel homely. Here you can see, feel, and touch our variety of designs and get an impression of how you can create a mood in your rooms with our products.



If you want to go on an adventure in our showroom in Nibe, you can actually do it from home now. We have filmed our showroom in 3D, so you can "walk" around in a virtual setting and experience the true Lene Bjerre mood that we create in our rooms.

You can start the 3D experience by pressing the  -button in the video below. Then you can start navigating around the space either by clicking with your mouse on the computer or using your fingers on a smartphone. In the 3D showroom, you will find some blue pins. These pins are product-pins so that you can find the product on our website. By clicking on "shop here" on a pin, you will open a new window in your internet browser with the selected product.

We hope you will enjoy taking a virtual stroll around in our magical showroom and get inspired by the mood our home interior creates. Enjoy!


Are you interested in more information or do you want to arrange a visit, please feel free to book a showroom session below or contact us at +45 9671 2100 or your local sales coordinator.

We would love to invite you into our beautiful showroom, and we offer you two opportunities to experience our showroom: a physical or virtual visit.

We look forward to welcoming you to our showroom in Nibe either in a physical or virtual visit.


    A visit to our showroom in Nibe is not just a visit, it is an experience from the moment you arrive, to the moment you leave. We have decorated our showroom so you can see, feel, and touch our variety of designs, and the rooms are decorated individually matching our different categories. Take a trip into our kitchen universe or lose track of time in our living room section. You can choose to go on a little adventure by yourself, or one of our sales representatives can guide you through the materials, stories, and specifications of the collection and the designs. The choice is yours and we are more than happy to assist you.


    If you do not have the opportunity to come visit our showroom physically, here is a great option for you. We can give you a personal virtual showroom tour hosted by one of our sales representatives. The meeting will be online, and we will be filming from our showroom live, focusing on your preferences and wishes, while we talk to you. We will still be able to tell you the great stories about the products, materials etc. and give you a visual feeling of the products. You can book your personal session with one of our inhouse sales coordinators by clicking the link below. Experience the magical Lene Bjerre atmosphere in a virtual environment.

Image - showroom Lene Bjerre


Our showroom in Nibe is located in North Jutland just 20 minutes from Aalborg, which has an airport with air connections to all of Europe. When you arrive at Aalborg airport, you will be picked up by a sales representative, who will take you to our showroom in Nibe. The day through we will present you for our newest collections, the thought behind and help you to put together the perfect assortment personalized for you. A delicious lunch will be served and we will be happy to give you a tour through our design house, so you are able to see and feel the surroundings we are inspired by when designing.

If you prefer to stay here for several days, we have a special hotel agreement with Zleep Hotels located in Aalborg, offering a special price for our guests if you remember to apply the code 77885315 when you book.


  • Zleep Hotel
  • Jyllandsgade 6
  • 9000 - Aalborg
  • Phone: +45 7023 5635

Aalborg is known as "Nordens Paris" and was this year esteemed by New York Times as one of the "must-see" cities to visit in 2019. "Today, the city is turning its most famous natural asset into an artistic one, " writes New York Times about Aalborg.